Turn on the light that save

A unique project in Italy, an exclusive product and service, one of the most innovative and singular in the European market: “Accendi la luce che risparmia”.

  • Dedicated to Public Administrations, Municipalities of Italy, easy to implement, but at the same time with great social, environmental and economic return; a virtuous, but “frugal” project, traced in the line of the “spending review”, designed with the aim of reducing costs and improving the quality of services for Italian citizens.

A project, which treasuring past experiences, looks to the future;
in addition to what has already been seen …
organized to always give answers in relation to the development of our territories.

The quality of the Selettra project

  • Simplify the management of the systems by standardizing all the light sources;
  • Reduce the incidence of faults by using multi-power and multi-lamp systems;
  • Rationalize existing lighting systems;
  • Check energy consumption promptly;
  • Prepare systems for future upgrades;
  • Reduce the risk of electrical contacts at risk for public safety;
  • Offer greater flexibility in the use of the system;
  • Standardize the quality of light throughout the municipal area;
  • Improve the quality of the service provided to users/citizens;
  • Computerize all public lighting systems;
  • Adapt the lighting systems from the lighting engineering point of view;
  • Adapt the light sources and lighting fixtures with reference to the standards in force;
  • Carry out small safety interventions;
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs;
  • Eliminate light pollution;
  • Contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions.

Moving from production to the management of systems and services, Selettra highlights savings. The initiative brings together all the know-how of the Company; the project uses the lighting systems produced by the Company and the exclusive services developed by it in the specific sector. Build and manage public lighting systems

Design and build:

  • systems/luminaires for public lighting
  • supports for public lighting
  • electrical panels with remote control logics
  • specialized IT systems for public lighting

Supply electricity together with advanced management and control processes

Fund projects for the energy efficiency of public lighting

Selettra is certified as an Energy Services company and an Energy Service Company with high level human resources and professional competence.

If your municipality needs to achieve the above objectives, it can freely and freely join the initiative called “The Municipality turns on the light that saves” an exclusive project, which does not involve investments by the public administration, without any technical risk. and financial.