Cemetery management

Cemeteries are the history, memory and memories of a community and therefore require particular care in the conservation of places, in cleaning, in the management of greenery and a constant attention to respond to visitors’ requests.
Engaged for some time in the maintenance of the lighting systems of the Avigliano Cemetery, we have learned over the years to integrate the regulatory, moral and human aspects that affect this particular area.
Convinced of being able to find wide limits of improvement in the quality of services, in 2010 we made a commitment to deepen this area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention and find, together with the municipal administrations, the best solutions for a modern and efficient management of cemetery structures, in the general interest of communities.
As a prerequisite for being able to offer a modern and efficient management service, we have developed the SelettraVotiv management software, designed and built for the management of cemetery services.

We have therefore developed a proposal which provides:

  • an initial intervention to modernize the plants with a view to regulatory compliance, safety and energy savings;
  • the use of modern systems and tools for cleaning, green care and waste disposal;
  • the installation of ancillary systems such as technological columns, WI-FI networks, to improve the services offered to visitors;
  • the installation of plants from renewable sources for the partial or total self-production of the energy consumed;
  • SelettraVotiv, always accessible online to facilitate requests for services to users who are “off-site” and to improve the management of practices with the municipal administration.
  • optimal management of services with the use of modern project management techniques;
  • certified quality and guarantee of optimal results.

The solutions and services offered

  • Custody and reception service
  • Information assistance to users
  • Burial and burial services
  • Surveillance morgues and mortuary chambers
  • Building and avenue maintenance services
  • Installation of gravestones and ornamental accessories
  • Cleaning of tombstones and areas of relevance
  • Internal cleaning of niches / ossuaries
  • Cleaning of avenues and toilets
  • Green care and maintenance
  • Floral decoration service


  • Environmental sanitation and sanitation services
  • Plant, electrical and sanitary maintenance
  • Management of votive lighting service
  • Internal separate waste collection service

Back office services

  • Management of concession contracts
  • Computerized census / cadastre of burials
  • Keeping of cemetery records
  • Supply and management of the SelettraVotiv IT system


  • Cemetery extensions
  • New plants
  • Urban furniture installations