A compatible system for street furniture
SkyLit® is inspired by nature, the sky designed by the photovoltaic module in the shape of a celestial vault, the cloud that passes through it is the circular rotation system and the light source is the sun.
SkyLit® is made up of different types of systems both for road applications and for pedestrian and non-driveway areas. It is an innovative photovoltaic lighting system, the technology used in the system and the designer make this fixture the most advanced and modern photovoltaic lamppost.
Sustainability is now recognized as one of the most influential factors for perfecting and implementing many projects.
This includes not only the environmental dimension, but also the social and human aspects regarding the urbanization of areas that must be increasingly equipped and aggregating, pleasant to live. The lighting of outdoor areas and open urban areas makes up about 40% of a city’s electricity expenditure.
All of this can be greatly reduced thanks to the use of lighting systems
renewables that must meet two priority requirements, environmental and social


  • Avoid invasive light;
  • Lower the energy cost and CO2 emissions
  • To be economically advantageous, simple to operate and maintain;
  • Provide good quality white light;


  • Increase security and a sense of protection;
  • Confer visual coherence to the landscape;
  • Enriching the social dimension by stimulating the evening economy;

The emphasis on sustainability led to the design of the SkyLit® collection.
SkyLit® ppresents a portfolio made homogeneous by a single system, to give wide vision to professionals and landscape lovers. Together with the light source in the Plana series, an essential element, SkyLit® offers performance, efficiency and comfort to urban and rural spaces. The main features include three elements of marked innovation which, in addition to guaranteeing a very high technological standard, give a harmonious overall aesthetic appearance to any installation context, be it urban, suburban or naturalistic.

Solar energy collection system

The solar energy collection system consists of a 360 ° rotatable photovoltaic module, innovative and performing, composed of Full Square monocrystalline cells with 20% efficiency. The monocrystalline silicon module is one of the elements of characterizing designers since it gives shape to the sky. Equipped with DAY4 technology, thanks to the properties of the polymers with 5 layers of aluminum core, it is able to resist salt spray and impacts. The “sky” panel, hinged on a mobile support (rotor) is rotatable and is oriented to the south to obtain maximum energy efficiency. The “sky” can host, at the bottom, customized graphics for advertising, information or artistic purposes.
The “SK-L” series for pedestrian lighting houses two LED lamps on the rotor that illuminate the graphics created at the bottom.

The light source

The light source is made up of LED technology. The LED sources are the most efficient on the market, with very high energy performance, they have an efficiency greater than 100 lm / W, color temperatures ranging from 3000 to 5500K, a color index higher than 70 CRI and an estimated operation of> 50000.

The battery compartment

The electrical accessories containment system is an innovative circular shaped container positioned 75 cm from the ground. In addition to acting as a battery compartment, the ring can also be used as a seat, planter, basket / dustbin and ash tray. In addition to housing the electrical accessories, ie batteries and the charge controller, it houses LED pedestrian and safety signal lamps in the “L” series.