Electrical systems

Selettra was born in the field of electrical systems and boasts inside workers who have been operating in this sector for over 30 years. Today it is no longer simply an installation company or even a commercial company, but a company with a qualified Design and Engineering Department, with a technical staff made up of professionals with proven experience and teams of expert technicians who are constantly updated on modern techniques installation and safety standards on construction sites and workplaces.

Immediately oriented towards the supply of integrated services, we have deepened many areas of intervention related to our core business activities and, today, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions in electrical and electronic systems.

Selettra designs and manufactures systems:
– Civil and industrial electrical
– MV/LV transformer substations
– Public lighting
– Automation, signaling and traffic control
– Artistic lighting, indoors and outdoors
– Plants from renewable sources
– Industrial air conditioning
– CCTV video surveillance
– Alarm, anti-intrusion, fire detection
– Telephony and videophone
– Sound diffusion
– Data transmission (LAN, Wireless Point, WI-FI)