Welcome to Selettra S.p.A.

Selettra is a company from the South of Italy and it is active in the Italian and international markets. A young but already rich in experience company, represented by an executive team with a strong trade and craft tradition handed down from generation to generation. It works in the field of international trading, offers electrical and electronic solutions, and designs and builds plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. It also provides integrated services aimed at energy saving (as an ESCo). It can provide competitive products, adequate to meet construction, quality and competitiveness standards.


Selettra is looking for a partner operating in the public lighting sector. Are you a company? Do you manage a public lighting system? Start a partnership with Selettra SpA, start a path of growth and change for the development of your business in the public lighting and Smart City sector. Thanks to the smart projects of Selettra SpA you can consolidate and expand the activities in your area, start a new experience for the growth of your company thanks to a unique and safe partner.

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