History of Selettra


With the launch of “A donation to Energy Efficiency” project, Selettra, in partnership with another important company specialized in the sector of energy services, proposed itself as an E.S.Co. to all the Municipality Administrations for the design and execution of energy efficiency interventions on street lighting installations by means of the shared savings mechanism and of ESC – Energy Saving Certificates. In a year more than 50 Administrations in 4 different regions in Southern Italy joined the programme and carried out interventions which led to praiseworthy energy saving.


Selettra Project Europe Srl was founded in Romania. Appealed by feed-in tariffs for the execution of photovoltaic systems, in 2012 Selettra arrived Bucharest. After a short time the government reduced the subsidies and, consequently, investors’ interest diminished. Selettra carried out some feasibility studies and proposed highly technological installations and systems in which the most important part was street lighting, its core business. The projects were taken into consideration by some local public entities. In the meantime, the company started requalification and street furniture activities in the centre of Bucharest on behalf of an important Romanian company.


Selettra, in collaboration with the SOMS company, was awarded a public tender for the modernization of installations and management of the Avigliano Cemetery. It was the beginning of an innovative, integrated management of cemetery services (global service type) that Selettra currently offers to all the Municipality Administrations.


In 2009 Giovanni Tortorelli joined the company bringing with him specialized experience gained, firstly, as a technical collaborator for data transmission and telecommunication in an important local company and then 4-year individual experience in the execution of CCTV video surveillance systems, automatic fire detection systems, structured cabling and, more generally, data, audio and video communication systems.


The first photovoltaic systems carried out as a part of the “Solarnoproblem” campaign promoted in the territory of the province began a long-term adventure in the sector: at the beginning there was the execution of small household systems which, over a few years, led to the installation of more than 1000kWp roof-based photovoltaic “turn-key” systems. Then, in partnerships with important local companies, Selettra carried out more than 25 MW of ground-based installations.


Selettra was awarded an integrated tender for energy supply, modernization and management of street lighting systems in the Municipality of Filiano and, as a TAC with ENEL Sole, in the Municipality of Pietragalla, both in the province of Potenza. These were the very first projects Selettra developed as an E.S.Co (Energy Service Company) engaging its financial resources through TPF (Third Party Funding). Then Selettra was awarded other contracts of the same kind as an E.S.Co. In fact, the Municipalities of Marsico Nuovo, Sasso di Castalda, Ginestra, Ruoti e Accettura rewarded Selettra for its professionalism and experience entrusting it with the integrated management.


In 2003 Selettra Srl was founded. The new company united the Telesca brothers’ competence in electrical and electronic fields with national and international commercial experience of Francesco Pace who could also boast commercial and artisan experience handed down by the previous generation. The new company expanded its offer to entire sector of civil and industrial electrical installations and to the development of foreign trade, mainly in Angola, where it established partnerships with local realties in the capital city, Luanda.


In collaboration with Enel Sole, S.ELETTR.A took over the maintenance of street lighting systems in the Municipality of Venosa (PZ) and then in Maratea (PZ). By means of a collaboration plan, it became Sole Point in Basilicata and along with Enel Sole it started technological modernization activities and management of street lighting systems in Avigliano, then, in the province of Potenza, in the Municipalities of Ruoti, Roccanova, Terranova del Pollino, in the province of Salerno in the Municipalities of Sanza, Piaggine e Morigerati.
It also carried out and managed artistic and monumental lighting systems in Apulia and Basilicata.


In collaboration with CEIT Spa from Arezzo, the company carried out requalification interventions and street lighting systems in the city of Milan; among the most important ones: public gardens and Piazza dei Mercanti.
On behalf of the Bonatti Spa company, it took part in the execution of infrastructures for Fastweb network in Sesto San Giovanni, while, along with the Pietro Mazzoni Spa company, S.ELETTR.A carried out their first household installations for Festweb users.


Two brothers, Vito and Tommaso Telesca, took advantage of knowledge and teaching they had acquired in the family company, S.ELETTR.A Società Elettrica Avigliano snc established in 1960, an expert in the field of installation and maintenance of electrical systems and retail sale of electrical materials.