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Smart City is a city with careful urban planning aimed at improving the quality of life of its citizens thanks to the full exploitation of new smart technologies.
It also comes in terms of service and environmental sustainability and energy saving.
Among the services offered, in addition to the development and application of technologies aimed at improving the energy efficiency of municipal plants, Selettra guarantees the activation of the Appinfo web platform by starting a path of Smart Governance, Smart Living and Smart Economy.

It is an app that will allow the Municipality to start or continue the journey towards an intelligent city by informing its citizens in real time about what is happening in their city.
The goal is to create a direct link between public institutions and citizens while enhancing the territory.
The user, through a simple registration, will have easy access to the service and receive notifications or SMS.
With AppInfo.City, the Municipal Administration will be able to carry out, for example, a weather prevention service by alerting citizens of the closure of schools, it will be able to inform about important events in the city, etc.
The App will be downloadable for free on the iPhone and tablet from the Google Play Store and Apple Store digital platforms.