Cemetery management - the experience of managing the cemetery of Avigliano

In 2010 the company committed itself, using all its experience accrued in the field of installation and management services, to finding, along with Municipal Administrations, the best solution for a modern and efficient management of cemeteries.
For this particular scope, we can offer an innovative integrated management (global service type) based on technological innovation, high professionalism, particular attention to the citizens’ needs and territory requirements which guarantees optimal results.
We currently run the cemeteries in the Municipalities of Avigliano and Filiano and the solutions that we apply let us obtain optimal results and we can now offer the best solution for each Municipality.

The experience of Avigliano Cemetery
Zero-impact modernization and integrated management of the Cemetery
Selettra and SOMS (the Mutual Organization of Workers from Avigliano) were awarded the tender for the technological modernization of the installations and management of cemetery services farmed out by the Municipality Administrators in 2010.
The project involved the best technologies available on the market aimed at guaranteeing high levels of reduction in energy costs and a remarkable improvement in service quality.
The modernization of all lighting systems, both votive and pedestrian, with new LED lamps, the use of flux regulators and programmable digital clocks, requalification and optimization of the whole electrical installation, the replacement of the old installations using methane with heat pump new electrical installations for the heating of indoors led to a reduction of the energy bill by 75%.
Moreover, the post-intervention consumption was compensated with clean energy produced by the photovoltaic system installed on top of the cemetery buildings.

The Avigliano Cemetery uses only renewable energy
The economic resources deriving from energy efficiency actions applied to the installations (lower bills) allowed us to carry out other installations aimed at the improvement of the quality of services offered to the clients:

The cemetery currently has at its disposal:

  • An archive and computerized management of procedures by means of SelettraVotiv portal. It is a purposefully developed software for efficient management of cemetery services that can be used by the clients who can, in this way, ask for services or handle on-line procedures and by the Municipality Administration to collect data in an orderly way.
  • CCTV video surveillance system for greater security.
  • Technological bollards installed within the cemetery area, connected through a WI-FI system to an operating room, which allow the guests to easily reach and communicate with the operators.
  •  A labelling system for tombs.
  • New machines and utensils for cleaning and maintenance of flora.
  • Internal service of differentiated waste collection. Moreover, some compost bins have been recently placed in special compartments within the cemetery area so that flower and organic waste disposal can be more efficient.