Solar Parking Area - The Municipality of Filiano

The project called “Solar Parking Area“, promoted by the municipal administration of Filiano in 2010 and implemented by Selettra, involves the construction of an accommodation facility, equipped for the temporary overnight stop of campers and / or motorhomes, able to intercept on the territory the growing segment of “plein air” tourism.
The infrastructure, first of its type in the Province of Potenza, is strategically located between Vulture and Alto Potentino and, therefore, capable of promoting tourist flows in a large area of ​​the region, generating an opportunity for development local through the proposal of a complete and quality tourist offer.
The area on which the project insists is located on the edge of the municipal town, within the same perimeter that encloses the football sports field. The structure, therefore, is easily accessible for those traveling on the Potenza-Melfi-Candela highway. The surface affected by the works is approximately 5,000 square meters and is able to simultaneously accommodate up to 9 campers and offer parking for 80 cars.
The camper pitches will be equipped with special multifunctional columns for the supply of electricity and drinking water, and equipped with facilities for the discharge of black and white waste water.
Visitors can take advantage of a structure with changing rooms, sanitation and showers. The entire area is protected by a fence and equipped with a CCTV CCTV system for video surveillance with remote control (connection made with WI-FI system). At the entrance there is the installation of a cloister dedicated to tourist information services for visitors.

The infrastructure is completely self-sufficient from an energy point of view and uses innovative systems and technologies, capable of ensuring a high degree of energy efficiency.
In fact, the parking areas serving the motorhomes are covered by attractive design canopies made of reinforced concrete, steel and laminated wood, on which a photovoltaic system with a power of approximately 70 kWp rests, capable of producing energy not only for the parking area, but also for other structures of the Municipality of Filiano (plant connected under the SSA regime – “Exchange on the site elsewhere“, pursuant to art. 27, par. 4, of Law 99/2009). In addition, the photovoltaic system is protected by an active fiber optic alarm capable of protecting every single photovoltaic module from theft.
All lighting systems, of the access road, of the adjacent pedestrian paths, of the same parking area, have been made with high energy efficiency LED technology.
The structure used as changing rooms with showers and toilets, for motorhomes, is equipped with a solar thermal system for the production of ACS combined with a heat pump system for heating and cooling the premises.